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Late in joining in on the 7 Days of 70’s Bollyblog celebration of the Indian films of the polyester era, I offer this German trailer for the Hindi masterpiece, SHOLAY.

Knowing that SHOLAY is considered the top dog of all Bollywood films, I was afraid that I would be disappointed when I came around to actually watching it. All the hype and priase offered this film, well I really didn’t think any motion picture could live up to that much hoopla. But you know what, it did!

Even having seen Bollywood producers successfully dip into genres like  film noir, science fiction, old dark house mysteries, sword and sandal, and versions of Barbara Stanwyck tear jerkers I was reluctant to believe that they could pull off a Hindi Spaghetti western. How wrong I was. And how glad I was that I was wrong!

If you love those Italian oaters, you will love SHOLAY, no kidding. I dare you not to think it is one hella fantastic film! Buy it! Rent it! See it!

…and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, then check out this song sequence…it will grab you and never let you go!!

A must see!

Ah, another wonderful Douglas Sirk soap. June Allyson in Europe must choose between Rossano Brazzi and Keith Andes. Wow, everyone should be so lucky!

In an interview I did with Keith Andes some years back he recalled working on this film in Germany as a wonderful “interlude” for he and his wife. He also expressed surprise that Rossano Brazzi’s wife, Lydia, was rather plain and rotund. Seeing as how Rossano was such a glamorous, handsome star, Keith had expected his life-partner to be just as glamorous. Andes found both Rossano and Lydia to be charming, lovely people.