RUNAWAY GIRL is one of those throwaway films that sat on the shelf for quite some time before being released to the public. Filmed around 1961 or ’62, it didn’t appear in theaters until 1965. A year later the film was re- released by another distributor who added newly filmed  “nude scenes” spliced in at various points in order to spice things up.

In it’s original form the film has interest in watching real life stripper Lily St. Cyr attempt to act…something that she did not manage to accomplish in this film. You almost feel sorry for her, she is so bad. Jock Mahoney has the lead and co-stars include my very dear friend Laurie Mitchell as Jock’s girlfriend, and one of my past interviewees, Ron Hagerthy, who has a nice role as Jock’s restless younger brother.


runaway girl poster