Came home to find the November issue of CLASSIC IMAGES magazine in my mail slot and I am pleased to report that my interview with kid actor Gregory Moffett is in this issue.


What a smile! This picture of Greg just makes my day!

Gregory’s main  motion picture claim to fame is the infamously “bad” 3-d movie ROBOT MONSTER which was released in 1953. The film starred soon to be Universal-International contract player George Nader and B western actress Claudia Barrett in a story about a little boy who, along with his family, must try to survive on earth decimated by beings from another planet, one of whom is out to personally kill these last remaining humans.

Sounds like a nifty little plot, but in the hands of director Phil Tucker, whose other film work includes DANCE HALL RACKET, TIJUANA AFTER MIDNIGHT, STRIPS AROUND THE WORLD, and THE CAPE CANAVERAL MONSTERS, well it was destined to be included in the book THE GOLDEN TURKEY AWARDS.

Here is the trailer. Doesn’t it look like fun (it actually really is)!!

In his interview, Gregory reminisces about working on ROBOT MONSTER along with  film appearances in “A”  product like the Fred Astaire/Betty Hutton feature LET’S DANCE and Joel McCrea western SADDLE TRAMP and TV shows like THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN in which he guest starred along with a baby elephant.

Gregory is now happily retired and living in central California with his wife Sandy. They drove through Oregon over the summer and were kind enough to stop in my town and have lunch with me. It was great fun to see them again, I really adore them both. Truly fine people. Oh, and one of Gregory’s sister is the popular former child actress Sharyn Moffett who worked continuously throughout the 1940s.

CLASSIC IMAGES magazine is out monthly and can be found at many Border’s and Barnes and Noble bookstores, or can be ordered directly via Classic Images’ website, the link for which you will find in my “links” section.