As I suspected, I have had little time this week to do much with Pedro (The Ape Bomb) blog. Like a shiny new toy, the excitement of having it for the first few days has worn off, now the reality of  keeping it up has set in. The main problem that I have is that, to keep my error rate down I have to proof read my notes over and over and over, and even then I seem to miss something. So I keep putting off my next episode of blogging, knowing the amount of time I will have to put into creating just one paragraph. But, I don’t want the cobwebs to take over so I will post, for your delectation, this wonderful filmi poster that I bought a few months back. It is from the Bollywood stunt film PANCH RATAN (5 Jewels), with one of those jewels being the magnificent Randhawa. The movie is, as Memsaab would say, “made of awesome” and the poster is one of the most beautiful in my collection, till date. The size is 30 x 40 and once I am able to locate an affordable frame with those dimensions, up on my living room wall it will go! The movie is a Bollywood sword and sandal, and has lots of action, song, comedy, and beefcake/cheescake…something for everyone!

Please to enjoy:



Younger brother of the equally awesome wrestler/actor Dara Singh, Randhawa seems not to have achieved quite the same amount of fame as his bhai, even though his film work has been almost as prolific. Because Randhawa worked a lot he must have had some amount of popularity during the 60s and I am guessing that, as an actor, he was considered reliable when a lead was required for a budget film, one where retakes needed to be kept to a minimum. He was certainly a handsome guy and a lot of fun to watch on the screen, and it is always a joy when he is paired up in a film with brother Dara. His leading lady in PANCH RATAN is Parveen Choudhary, a favorite of mine who I can find absolutely no information about. She played the lead in many B films, and second leads in several A films. Hopefully she is still out there someplace, and has had a happy life.

One thing that I will be doing with this blog is to celebrate those performers who never really got there due, or who, once popular, have faded into obscurity. Interestingly enough, many performers whose film careers were tainted by making B movies have developed almost a cult following all these many years later, particularly in the US. Bollywood personalities like Randhawa,  Malika, Nishi, Homi Wadia, Sheikh Mukhtar, Feerless Nadia, John Cawas, Bela Bose, Azad, and Chitra, American performers such as Allison Hayes, Ken Clark, June Kenney, Barbara Payton, Jeff Richards, Richard Denning and actors from Japan including Akira Takarada, Kumi Mizuno and Hiroshi Koizumi have web blogs written about them and Facebook and web sites dedicated to them and even books and magazine articles written about them and their films…. and just try winning photos of John Saxon or Dara Singh on Ebay! You will most surely be outbid.

To see a film clip from PANCH RATAN, look here:

And to buy the movie on DVD (you know you want to), look no farther then where you can pick it up for just $7.00 and postage.