Well, it finally happened, I have started a blog. Why? Well, for starters my friend, and fellow Bollywood fan/blogger, Greta (of Memsaab fame) has been egging me on for quite some time to start a blog. Secondly, every once in a while I will watch a Bollywood movie, or a Hollywood movie, or I will interview someone for CLASSIC IMAGES magazine or come across some awesome pop culture item at an estate sale and just feel like sharing. The majority of my friends, family, and co-workers would go glassy-eyed should I even begin to discuss such things, so I figure if I post about it here on Pedro (the Ape Bomb) blog I will not only get it out of my system without harming my next of kin, but perhaps reach a few others out there that might enjoy hearing about the latest Dara Singh stunt film VCD or the retro coffee table I found during last weekend’s thrift shopping.

I hope to blog on a semi-regular basis so stop by often and see what is going on, and please do join in on the conversation so that I don’t think I am just talking to myself!

Regards to all,

Michael Barnum